Want to Make your WordPress Membership Theme a Hit in 2021?

Can’t decide which events calendar plugin to use with your WordPress membership theme? Sit back and relax, we can help you decide.

It’s 2021 and the online business comes with lots of competition and pressure. Managing things manually or even without an online website is almost impossible.

To top this issue, if your business requires users to come and register themselves, management can get messy. For this, you need a WordPress event management plugin suitable for your WordPress membership theme.

Keep reading to understand why your WordPress membership theme needs a management boost.


What is an Events Calendar Plugin?


An events calendar plugin or event management plugin is a must-have for your membership site. Further, there can be hundreds of events that you do not want your users to miss.

An events calendar plugin is useful for sharing the details and dates of any upcoming events. Such a plugin shares the details on your website in a calendar format.

In addition to that, it helps you create and manage all your events in the events calendar on your website. These events can be virtual, in-person events or an important meeting events calendar can handle all.

An events management plugin will enhance the functionality of your WordPress membership theme. Also, there are many WordPress event manager plugins available. You can choose from options like WP event manager and WordPress Events Manager, WordPress events manager pro, etc.

Why Choose EventPrime Events Calendar Plugin for your WordPress membership theme?

WordPress Membership Theme: EventPrime

Try EventPrime Now!

EventPrime is a WordPress events calendar plugin developed by Metagauss. From event registration to event management EventPrime comes with ample features. Moreover, it is super easy and highly user-friendly to install, activate and use.

You can also check out other WordPress plugins ProfileGrid and RegistrationMagic by Metagauss. ProfileGrid is a WordPress membership plugin and RegistrationMagic is a WordPress form builder plugin. We recommend you install these plugins to further enhance your WordPress membership theme.

Further, coming back to EventPrime, this beginner-friendly calendar plugin is the best WordPress events calendar plugin. Creating your events here is as easy as a single click. EventPrime events calendar plugin can create free as well as paid events.

With many cool and unique features, EventPrime is ideal for your membership website theme. It is compatible with all the best WordPress themes for a membership site.

This events calendar plugin is versatile and flexible enough to provide easy management solutions. Easy on the frontend and the backend EventPrime is user-friendly for both the owner and the user.

It is a feature-rich events calendar plugin. Designed efficiently to help you in planning and managing your events in a single click. It gives you the customizing liberty to make, plan and manage your events effectively.

Features of EventPrime

EventPrime can build, configure and publish all your events easily on your membership site. With options like Event type, event site/location, attendees, performers, event Shortcodes, email customization the features seem unending.

Here are some of the best key features of EventPrime:

  • The event manager tab helps you create events directly from the calendar.
  • You can set event name, date/time, type of event, event site, event booking price directly from the events calendar.
  • The events display interface is neatly organized with colored bars for a better understanding of events.
  • With the event type settings, you can create, edit or delete events.
  • You can set a name, change the name, set a color for each event type.
  • Set or Add an age group to age-specific events.
  • By using the event site manager, you can manage the address of the event. You can also add Google maps to suggest directions to the site for your attendees.
  • The Performer manager helps you allot a role to the event performer such as singer, dancer, comedian, etc.
  • Use Attendees manager to have a full view of all your attendees for all events. The list view shows the attendee’s booking ID, username, event name, email address, etc.
  • You can also filter the attendees’ list by their events, booking times, and booking frequency.
  • In Global Setting, you can enable or disable email notifications. Here, you can configure the payment options settings. EventPrime allows payments processed by PayPal. It also supports Stripe payments and offline payments as well.
  • Make changes or set things accessible from the frontend to users.
  • It also sports the widget feature that starts a countdown clock for any upcoming event.

Some of the best extensions by EventPrime

Not only this but the EventPrime plugin comes with plenty of extensions to suit your needs. The EventPrime events calendar plugin hosts numerous extensions that provide a deeper insight. Some of the best extensions are:

WordPress Membership Theme: EventPrime Extensions Navigation

  • Live Seating – This extension allows the event attendees to select their preferred seats.
  • Event Analytics – The event analytics extension helps you keep a tab on all your revenue and bookings that come in.
  • Event Sponsors – It allows you to display the logos of the sponsors of the particular events.
  • Offline Payments – Offline payments allow the attendees to opt for any offline payment method. (this can be subject to what payment the parties agree for)
  • Event Wishlist – This extension is pretty cool as it allows the attendees to Wishlist events upcoming in the future. With event Wishlist, users can view their Wishlist events on the frontend in their user profiles.
  • Recurring Events, Attendees List, Coupon Codes, Guest Bookings, Event Comments are some other extensions of EventPrime.


Whether you are new to the membership community or not you still need an events calendar plugin for better management. For that EventPrime is your go-to WordPress events calendar plugin. As the world has restarted after the pandemic, 2021 opens up more and more event possibilities.

Your WordPress membership theme deserves a boost as your users are progressively engaging in online events. Get the EventPrime calendar management plugin and easily start creating, managing your events with a click on the dashboard.

Try EventPrime for Free!


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