Know why you need a WordPress event management plugin right away in 2021!

Virtual events have become an essential part of our lives since 2020. The entire world has gone virtual after the pandemic. Check out how you can use virtual events and make your membership website a hit in 2021! All you need is a WordPress event management plugin!

When signing up for an event, Requires Membership, it instantly spikes the interest of any user. We immediately start thinking about the special features of this virtual event. Isn’t it?

To improve your outreach and attract more users, you can integrate virtual events into your membership WordPress website. This will help you create various levels of memberships, which will get different event sign-up options. You just need to install a WordPress event management plugin to create, setup, and manage virtual events calendar.


5 Reasons to Integrate Virtual Events with Membership WordPress Website

If you are still trying to fully understand the benefits of a WordPress event management plugin on your website, then we have made your task easier. Check the top 5 reasons to integrate WP events manager on your website.

Limit Access

Implementing a WordPress plugin for an event registration website means restricting access to website pages; as you like. This includes post, event, virtual discussion, or performer board. Based on the role of your users, you can show events to certain categories and hide them from another.

For instance, you have three categories: basic, pro, and premium memberships. You can easily create WP events specific for premium or pro users.

Improve Outreach

Having a WordPress event management plugin on your membership website also improves your outreach. Here’s how it is possible:

Through this WP event manager, you can put a time on the access. This time-limit will encourage your memberships to want to enroll for events immediately.

It is a well-known strategy amongst marketing managers to utilize time-limit or time-counter for improved outreach. When something has an expiry, it automatically encourages users to take action immediately. By putting an expiry time on the event registration, you can improve the outreach of the virtual event or session.

Member-Only Events

One of the outstanding benefits of having a WordPress event management plugin is the ability to create member-specific events. You can create a virtual event that only your members can attend and participate in.

These types of WP events are personalized for members of the website. You already know your audience, their demographics, and their preferences. This can help you organize a virtual event that your members want to attend and engage in. As a result, you get an opportunity to improve user engagement and enhance customer satisfaction.

Direct CTA

The most important reason to utilize events manager on WordPress is the ability to encourage more sign-ups. Member-specific content or events are extremely beneficial for new user sign-ups. With your WP event promotion, you can add a CTA for sign-up. This will allow your users to become a member of your website and then enroll in the event.

So, not only do you get more sign-ups on your WP events but also more sign-ups on the website. This automatically improves your outreach for future events.

Various Membership Tiers

On your WordPress membership theme, you can make various membership tiers. Once you have received significant sign-ups for these tiers, you can offer different access to different members. This means dividing the level of event access through the membership of the user.

For instance, the user who has paid for the pro membership may not get to access the discussion portal of the event. However, a premium member would be able to access all the WP event features.

The Best WordPress Event Management Plugin

WordPress Event Management Plugin

Try EventPrime Now!

EventPrime is the best WordPress event management plugin for your WordPress membership theme. It is a user-friendly installation that helps you add, manage, remove, and evaluate your WP events with a single click. Whether you wish to analyze every event together or check frontend submissions, you can do it through EventPrime.

Features of EventPrime

  • Display all your WP events in the event calendar on the frontend.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

  • Check every event and its details from the events dashboard.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

  • Display information and details of your event performers.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

  • Manage attendees of the event from one page. Check details of these attendees.

WordPress Event Management Plugin

  • Utilize event widgets, such as countdown, slider, site map, and calendar.
  • Entirely define the type and settings of your events for different memberships.
  • Manage, delete, and add new performers for any event at any time.
  • Allow users to overview their events from their frontend events pages.
  • Allow users to enroll for any event from the frontend through a simple submission form.

Utilize this link to install EventPrime and start using this WordPress event management plugin.


Fortunately, WordPress membership themes offer us the power to simply integrate plugins for added features. Utilize this capability of WordPress to host innovative, user-specific, and dedicated virtual events. Manage everything from a single dashboard and analyze the performance of your events for future strategies.

Install our WordPress event management plugin now and enjoy its features. If you face issues in installing, using, and managing EventPrime, reach out to us.


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