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WordPress forms a huge community of business owners, contractors, e-commerce vendors, and freelancers, who create websites through this CMS. To help these users, WordPress has a range of plugins that enhance the functionality of your WordPress eCommerce theme. These plugins help you implement even complex features in a simple way. Just like using a WP event manager on your e-commerce website without complicated coding and days’ worth of quality analysis.

EventPrime is a go-to events manager WordPress for eCommerce stores. From allowing you to create unlimited events to help you manage attendees, EventPrime is packed with a range of features. Let’s start exploring.


5 Amazing Features for WordPress eCommerce Theme

EventPrime plugin for WordPress eCommerce theme is a hassle-free installation that helps you create, manage, and organize events in one click. There are options to customize events, optimize email messages, accept frontend submissions, provide various payment options, and divide paid/free events.

We have discussed some outstanding features of this WP event manager plugin. Have a look, explore unique features, and start improving the efficiency of your WP events.

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Best Event Calendar

EventPrime has the perfect WP event calendar. You can achieve so much via this functionality. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Directly use the WP event calendar to make events. just tap on the dates to make an event.
  • Not only that but you can also set the end and start date and time, event name, event status, and booking price on this WP event calendar.
  • When you have details of performers, you can edit data and add performer details from the calendar.
  • Every event on this calendar is color-coded, which is spanning around the WP event dates. This makes it simpler for the user to scan and find different events.
  • When you make an internal decision to change dates, you just need to drag-and-drop the event bar to adjust the dates of the event.
  • If you need to look at the details of the WP event, then you can just hover over the calendar markings. This will give you an overview.

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Performer Management

It is obvious that you need to add performers to an event hosted on your WordPress eCommerce theme. EventPrime event membership plugin helps you achieve that as well.

  • On the admin panel of your WordPress eCommerce theme, you will find the performer manager of EP. This performer manager can be used to make, modify, and delete performers of a WP event.
  • Include details of performers, such as the type, name, image, description, etc. The type of performer in a WP event defines whether it is a group or one person.
  • Define the role of your WP event performer, such as comedian, singer, actor, etc.
  • Select to show certain performers on the frontend directory.

Attendee Management

Similar to performer management of a WP event, you can manage attendees on your WordPress eCommerce theme. Check the features of attendee manager included in your events manager WordPress.

  • Overview of the attendees’ details in a single list. This will contain the username, booking ID, event name, email ID, and booking IDs of the users.
  • When you need to check users or attendees of one event or simply filter the list, you can add various filters. For example, booking time, event type, booking status, etc.
  • Download the details of every attendee in PDF format and store them on your system for offline use.
  • Send email notifications to your attendees whenever there’s a change, such as a change in event date.
  • Check transaction log pertaining to the bookings made by your WP event attendees.
  • Add notes on your attendee bookings to remember important details.

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Valuable Widgets

Apart from features to manage performers, attendees, and the entire WP event, EventPrime offers widgets for your WordPress eCommerce theme.

  • There’s a widget for WP event countdown. You can add a clock on your events showing the number of seconds, minutes, and hours left in the event.
  • Add a WP event slider to show multiple featuring events with images on your events page.
  • Include a smaller version of your WP events calendar on the frontend. This shows all the events as highlighted dates.
  • Show a Google Map to reveal the location of different WP events on your website.

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Coupon Code Extension

One of the valuable features of EventPrime is coupon code extension. You just need to install this extension and it will allow you to generate coupons. These coupons can be offered to attendees for discounts. It is possible to set a limit, expiry date, expiry type, etc. on the coupon. You can even deactivate it as you like.


When you are hosting WP events on your WordPress eCommerce theme website, you need a powerful foundation to support your team. From being able to evaluate your submissions to improving conversions through widgets, EventPrime can guide you through this journey. Install this event management plugin from the link and start using it.

In case, you are not able to install or use any feature/extension of EventPrime, comment below. Our team will connect with you at the earliest!

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