Group events or group-specific events are events created particularly for a certain group. These events are restricted for other groups apart from the specified group(s).

This feature is vastly used by membership and subscription-based event websites. It enables you to create events that are only for members or subscribers.

To add this feature to your website, you can utilize the EventPrime core version. The plugin comes with ProfileGrid integration that enables you to create multiple events on your website including group events, recurring events, group-specific events, and more.

EventPrime is a WordPress event calendar plugin that comes with an array of feature-rich extensions and functionalities. Moreover, the plugin is known for its WordPress calendar, WP event manager, attendee manager, site manager, and more. 

You can explore all the features of this plugin here.


Solution for Adding Group Specific Events

This simple calendar plugin boasts some of the best features and extensions. Group specific events, seamless events calendar, multiple payment gateways, and advanced forms are just to name a few extensions.

The plugin allows you to create, assign, manage, and track your events, performers, attendees, sponsors, and more. 

Additionally, you can add event sites or venues, view and manage your event attendees from a single Dashboard.

Furthermore, it comes with ProfileGrid integration that enables you to publish user group-specific events and create a user community base.

Be it,  meetup events, virtual team events, virtual group events, or social meetups, you can create a personalized experience for your users with this plugin. 

Features and overview of ProfileGrid Integration

The ProfileGird integration extension is a part of the core extensions of this event management plugin. Moreover, the plugin comes with multiple dynamic features, some of which we have discussed above.

If we talk about the ProfileGride Integration extension specifically, here are some of the highlights:

  • Create user-based communities for your WordPress events website
  • Allow users to post content, and share media
  • Publish user group-specific events 
  • Publish events that are specific to a certain group of community members

A step-by-step guide to publish user group-specific events

To get started, download and install the EventPrime Core plugin on your WordPress website from the link below:

Try EventPrime Plugin for Free!

The Core plugin comes with the ProfileGrid integration. Additionally, the premium and premium+ plugins also come with ProfileGrid integration along with added features and extensions.

Once the plugin is installed on the backend, follow the below-given steps:

Step1: Go to the dashboard of your website, hover your cursor over the EventPrime menu, and click on Events.

group event

Step2: On the events dashboard you will see the ‘Add New’ option to create a new event. Click to create a new event. 

group event

Step3: A pop-up with multiple event setting options will appear. Here you can set the starting date, ending date, bookings option, you can add performers, set event site, and type. 

group event

Step4: Add the Event title, start date, and end date.

group event

Step5: Select ‘All Day’ if your event will take place for the entire day. Enable bookings and add the ticket price.

group event

Step6: Additionally select ‘Featured’ if you want to feature the event on your website.

group event

Step7: You can also select one or multiple performers from the performers’ list. Here is how you can add performers to your performer list.

Step8: Add an events site from the drop-down. You can check out this link to know how you can add event sites to your website.

group event

Step9: Now, select the event type; meeting, concert, or festival.

group event

Step10: Further you can set the event status to Active, Unpublished, or Draft.

group event

Step11: Save the setting and the event will be displayed on your events calendar.

group event

Assign event to a specific group

Step12: Click on the Event and a box will appear similar to the picture below.

group event

Step13: Scroll down and click on Dashboard.

Group event

Step14: After the dashboard opens, scroll down and click on ProfileGrid.

group event

Step15: On the ProfileGrid Integration page, you will be able to select one or multiple ProfileGird groups to assign to the event. 

Group events

Step16: Once you select the desired group(s) from the menu, click Save.

Frontend view of specific group events

For example, we have assigned the above event to the Bloggers group only.

Here is how the event looks on the calendar if a group member from the specified group opens it:

group events

Here the event is visible to the member of the Bloggers Group.

However, if a non-member of the Bloggers group opens the Calendar, the event won’t be visible.

group event

Ending Note

You can further go to a specific group and check if the event is assigned or not. Further, you can invite all members of a group to an event using this extension.

Make your WordPress events website more dynamic and one of kind with these features and functionalities of EventPrime.

Moreover, this plugin offers some exquisite packages, plus, you can purchase even a single extension if you want from the ‘All Extensions’ page!


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