Want to publish user group specific events?

If yes, we have got your back! Add some new and dynamic features to your WordPress group events website with extensions that can help you publish user group specific events. If you are already in search of something that can enhance and add unique functionalities to your WordPress group events website, then your search ends here.

EventPrime WordPress events plugin is a unique and dynamic WordPress event calendar plugin that comes with some mesmerizing extensions and functionalities. The EventPrime plugin is known for its WordPress calendar, WP event manager, and is one of the leading WordPress calendar plugins. Let’s dig in!


Best events calendar plugin to add user group-specific events

EventPrime simple calendar plugin is loaded with some multidimensional features and extensions like Seamless Events Calendar, it also allows you to create and assign Performer(s) to events. Further, you can add event sites or venues, also you can view and manage your event Attendees from a single page in Dashboard. In addition to that, it has a PayPal payment gateway, RegistrationMagic Integration for creating and managing advanced forms, and ProfileGrid integration that will enable you to publish user group-specific events and create a user community base.

Moreover, the best thing about EventPrime simple calendar plugin and ProfileGrid integration is that it is exceptionally easy and seamless to use. Be it, meetup groups, fun group activities, meetup events, or social meetups, allow your users to experience dynamic features with EventPrime event tickets plugin. Let’s dig a little bit deeper!

Features and overview of ProfileGrid Integration

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime WordPress Plugin

The ProfileGird integration extension is a part of the core extensions of the EventPrime event tickets plugin. Moreover, the plugin comes with multiple dynamic features, some of which we have discussed above. If we talk about the ProfileGride Integration extension specifically, here are some of the highlights:

  • You can create user-based communities for your WordPress events website
  • Further, it enables you to publish user group specific events with EventPrime modern events calendar plugin
  • You can also publish events that are specific to a certain group of community members

A step-by-step guide to publish user group specific events and installing EventPrime

To install and get started with the dynamic features of EventPrime modern events calendar plugin, you can go to the ‘Plans’ section of the EventPrime best WordPress events plugin website. Further, there you will find three different packages. In addition to that, the Core plugin comes with the ProfileGrid integration. Similarly, the Premium plugin also comes with ProfileGrid integration plus has some added features and extensions for your Events WordPress website. And then there is the ‘Premium+’ plugin, it has everything in Premium Bundle plus a license for unlimited sites, and lifetime updates and support! To get started you choose what suits your requirements the best and follow the below-given steps to get started:

1. Click on the Download (Free) button and download the core plugin. You can also download the core plugin from wordpress.org.

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Plans

Try EventPrime Core Plugin

2. Once you download the core plugin, go to the dashboard of your website, and install the plugin.

3. After installing the plugin, the EventPrime left menu will appear on your backend menu bar.

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Menu Navigation

How to Publish User Group Specific Events

1. Click on Events and open the Events page.

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Dashboard Navigation

2. Above the calendar, you will see the ‘Add New’ option to create a new event. Click to create a new event. 

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Event Manager

3. A box with multiple event setting options will appear. There you can set the starting date, ending date, bookings option, you can add performers, set event site, and type. 

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Add New Event

4. Once you complete all the settings, save the setting by clicking on save.

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Save Event

5. Further, the event will be created and will appear on your calendar.

6. Click on the Event and a box will appear similar to the picture below.

Publish user group specific events: EventPrime Event Settings

7. Scroll down and click on Dashboard.

Publish user group specific events: Dashboard Navigation

8. After the dashboard opens, scroll down to the Integration head and click on ProfileGrid.

Publish user group specific events: ProfileGrid Integration

9. Once you click and open the ProfileGrid Integration option, you will see a pop-up box that will allow you to assign this specific event to a specific ProfileGird group. 

Publish user group specific events: ProfileGrid Integration

10. You can select the desired group from the Dropdown menu, click save and you are all set to go.

In Conclusion

You can further go to a specific group and check if the event is assigned or not. All you have to do is access the Events tab, to check the events assigned to that particular Group. Make your WordPress events website more dynamic and one of kind with these fantastic features and functionalities of EventPrime. Why have a simple events website when you can have a better one with EventPrime. Moreover, this plugin offers some exquisite packages, plus, you can purchase even a single extension if you want from the ‘All Extensions’ page!


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