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How to Showcase Event Location Details of Your Event Sites
2 months ago no Comment

Events aren’t usually hosted on random sites and locations. Depending on the type of Event you are organizing, you will have to choose the right Event Site for it. And it is always better if you already have a list of Event Sites to choose from whenever there is a need to organize a new Event.

How to Manage Bookings for WordPress Events
3 months ago no Comment

It is very important to manage your Event Attendees the right way when you are running a WordPress Events website. EventPrime offers you the best Attendee management system to keep track of your Events’ audience.

Keep Your Events Organized with EventPrime’s Event Types
3 months ago no Comment

Not all events are meant for everyone. Events are organized keeping their intended audience in mind and that is what differs a successful event from an unsuccessful one.

How to Add Performers to WordPress Events
3 months ago no Comment

Events with Performers add quite a lot of unique flavor and energy to them. You can have various kinds of Performers for various types of events. For example, you can have singers or bands for concerts, keynote speakers for conferences, sport teams for sporting events etc.

Starter Guide
4 months ago 3 Comments

This EventPrime Starter Guide will give you a walkthrough on how to setup EventPrime on your WordPress website and publish your first event. It will also cover quick glances at some of the configurable event properties of EventPrime’s Events. So, let us wait no more and get started!

Enhance Event Registrations with RegistrationMagic Integration
8 months ago no Comment

The EventPrime team is proud to announce that we are taking our event registration process to a completely new level. We are doing this by allowing EventPrime users the ability to replace their default EventPrime event registration forms….

WordPress Event Booking Plugin Done The Right Way
3 years ago no Comment

Creating your first event in WordPress is usually a very easy task. First of all, you’ll need a WordPress event booking plugin, which is EventPrime. And then, all you have to do is set the event’s name and time.

WordPress Event Calendar Shortcodes By EventPrime
3 years ago no Comment

If you are even a somewhat experienced user of WordPress, you must be quite familiar with the word ‘Shortcode‘ by now. Which is understandable. Shortcodes are the most common and effective way to display dynamic plugin content on a static WordPress web page.

How to Publish WordPress Events on the Frontend
3 years ago no Comment

EventPrime equips you with 9 shortcodes to publish Events and their details on the frontend. Therefore, making it quite an easy process. Today we are going to take a look at each one of them in detail. So, let’s get started.

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