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WordPress is a well-known content management system utilized by millions of websites across the globe – 39% to be specific. There are 75+ million sites utilizing the WordPress platform to reach out to customers. Fortunately, this platform offers important tools to improve the functionalities and features of your website via plugins and extensions. Using the WordPress events plugin, you can achieve various things, hosting events without hassle, making forms, etc.

If your business needs to consistently host events on your website, utilize a WordPress events plugin for improved results. Below we have discussed 7 reasons to utilize events manager on WordPress to host, track, evaluate, and conduct events. Now only that, we have brought to you a perfect WordPress events plugin for you! Let’s get started.


7 Reasons To Use An Events Plugin

Modern events calendars are a smart alternative to an offline event registration or events book. You can seamlessly manage subscriptions, evaluate insights, and share details of the event. Let’s see how all this is achieved:

Booking and Email Automation

wordpress events plugin

If you are running a business and you need to host an event on your WordPress website, how would you do that? The event aims to deliver knowledge about marketing automation to customers. You want to allow customers to resolve their queries and ask questions to ultimately utilize your marketing solution.

If you don’t utilize a WordPress events plugin, you may need a lot of coding to implement this functionality. Contrary to this, you can simply install the WordPress events calendar plugin and announce events. Here you can accept bookings from customers or website visitors and send them automated emails to notify them about important things, such as when they can enroll for the event on your marketing website.

Deep Insights

A WordPress calendar plugin is packed with features like analytics and insights. In addition to that, you can check how your WordPress event is performing.

For instance, checking the number of bookings coming through the WordPress events plugin.

Simply put, your WordPress events plugin helps you analyze the success of your events via graphs, data insights, and other graphical representations. Further, it is possible to check the popularity of your event and the way in which your audience is interacting with the event.

Are they checking details?

How many people are enrolling for the event?

What is the number of submissions?

How many people are active on the events page?

Increased Interaction

If you look at it, then your WordPress events plugin keeps your audience up-to-date. Further, the audience on your online marketing website can check the details of the event and adjust their personal schedule. In addition to that, they can get updates when event details are changed and attend live events without any hassle. All these things lead to improved interaction.

Improved Management

wordpress events plugin

Apart from improved interaction, a webinar plugin on WordPress helps in managing the entire event. Further, your team can work on improving the experience of the customer. Also, the WordPress events plugin will process bookings, sends automated emails, calibrates the calendar, and syncs other events.

Seamless Detail Sharing

wordpress events plugin

If you don’t have a WordPress events plugin, you need to manually make changes and share details. For instance, sharing event timings and details related to the performers of the event.

When you utilize the WordPress calendar plugin, you can receive the following benefits:

  • Create events on the WordPress calendar directly.
  • Create events on a given data without any hassle.
  • Update date, time, place, and booking price of the event.
  • Share details of the performers of the event.
  • Update or change the date of the event by dragging-and-dropping the event.

Event Countdown

wordpress events plugin

One of the ongoing trends in marketing websites is to add a countdown of the WordPress event. With a WordPress events plugin, you can add a countdown of a nearby event. For example, showing minutes, hours, seconds, and other formats.

Complete Overview

wordpress events plugin

An important reason to use an events plugin is a complete overview. Moreover, if you have 10 events on your marketing website and all these events are being handled differently on paper, how will you get a complete overview?

It is not possible.

Moreover, in one event, you need to put in a lot of effort to completely overview the entire event, its attributes, performers, timings, etc.

A WordPress events plugin helps us overview each and every attribute in one place. We can check the performers, event settings, latest bookings, timings, queries, performer details, etc.

The Best WordPress Events Plugin for a Marketing Website

wordpress events plugin

Try EventPrime Now!

EventPrime is a WordPress calendar plugin to create events in a swift. You can make events, accept bookings, reveal performer information, and accept payments via different modes like PayPal.

Here are some amazing features of EventPrime, which help you implement all of the above functionalities:

  • Allow users to book for an event. It is possible to use Guest Bookings and Admin Attendee Bookings extensions to book an event without signing up and create custom bookings respectively.
  • Utilize the Event Analytics extension of EventPrime to analyze your data. For example, event revenue, evaluate graphs and understand the success factors of your events.
  • Utilize the Seamless Event Calendar to view events in the dashboard and frontend alike. Moreover, this helps you make changes in the dashboard and reflect the same on the frontend.
  • There’s an Attendees Manager extension that gives you a one-page review to check the list of attendees and analyze their details.
  • An Event Dashboard extension makes your job easier by offering you a comprehensive view of your event. It contains details of attendees, event site overview, performer details, and bookings.
  • EventPrime has an Event Countdown widget. It helps you reveal the time left in an event; displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds.

With EventPrime, you can use a range of extensions to comprehensively manage and overview your website.


A WordPress events plugin has clear benefits for users and organizers. Also, from seamlessly executing the entire event to managing your customers’ requests, you get an array of features that help in making your event successful.

Moreover, if you are willing to find a WordPress calendar plugin, EventPrime is your solution. It contains the above-discussed features and added functionalities. For example, event dashboards, a list of attendees, a detailed overview of attendees, etc. Here’s the link to install and use the EventPrime plugin on your WordPress website.

In case you face any issues when you are installing EventPrime, contact us in the below comment box.


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