Events with Performers add quite a lot of unique flavor and energy to them. You can have various kinds of Performers for various types of events. For example, you can have singers or bands for concerts, keynote speakers for conferences, sport teams for sporting events etc. When creating Events on your WordPress site, EventPrime will allow you to create and assign specific Performer(s) to them. Just like creating individual Events, you can also create Performers with EventPrime.



Installing and activating EventPrime on your WordPress site is quite easy. If you haven’t installed and activated EventPrime on your WordPress site already, we recommend that you check out our official Starter Guide right now.

Creating a Performer with EventPrime

To create a Performer using EventPrime, please visit the ‘Performers’ page from the EventPrime WordPress Dashboard menu.

You can also visit the ‘Performers’ page by click on the ‘Event Manager’ title of the ‘Events’ page.

Clicking on it will open up a dropdown with multiple options to choose from. In dropdown, select the ‘Performers Manager’ option.

Clicking on ‘Performers Manager’ will open the page for adding and editing Performers in EventPrime. If you already have any Performers created with EventPrime, they’ll appear here in the form of cards. To create a new Performer, click on the ‘Add New’ link that appears under the heading.

Clicking on it will open up a form to create your new Performer. You’ll get the following options to create new Performer here…

  1. Performer Type – Set whether this Performer is a Person or a Group.
  2. Name – Enter in the name of the Performer.
  3. Role – Enter in the role of this Performer. Whether this is a musician, writer, actor etc.
  4. Cover Image – Upload the cover image for this Performer. This will appear with the mention of the Performer on the Event page.
  5. Description – Add in a description text for this Performer.
  6. Display on List of Performers – Choose whether you want this Performer to appear on the list of all Performers, or not.

Fill in the details for this form to create your new Performer.

Assigning Performer to Event

To assign your new Performer to a new Event, simply select the Performer from the Event creation popup form.

When assigning to existing Event, visit the Event’s Dashboard. Event Dashboard is where you can configure all your settings for an Event. You can access Event Dashboard by clicking ‘Dashboard’ link on the Event info popup when you hover cursor over the Event in the calendar. Once inside the Event’s dashboard, click on the ‘Performer(s)’ icon to visit the Performer(s) settings page for the Event.

On the Performer(s) settings page, you’ll first get the option to choose whether you want to have Performers for this Event, or not. Then you can select the Performers for the Event, as well as select if the Performers will be competing against one another in a ‘Match’. You can select more than one Performers from the list by holding down the Ctrl key in Windows, or the Command key (⌘) in Mac.

Performers on Event Frontend

When viewing an Event on the frontend, the Performer(s) for that Event will appear on that Event page itself. You can see the Performers for that Event under the ‘Performer’ section.

If you selected the ‘Match’ option and chose more than one Performers, they’ll appear on the Event Page with a ‘VS’ icon in between, telling the viewers that this is a match between two competing Performers.

This wraps up a quick overview of the Performers feature of EventPrime. Let us know your feedback on this feature in the comments below.


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