Have you ever faced challenges with the productivity of your events?

A WordPress events plugin can help!

Regardless of the type of WordPress events you host, your team has a series of responsibilities. Creating an events plan, accepting participation, and informing attendees of changes. All these things take time and energy.

But, did you know that you can save resources with a WordPress events plugin?

A WordPress events calendar can streamline events, which allows your team to focus on strategic roles. This leads to an increase in productivity.


What is a WordPress Events Plugin?

A WordPress events plugin helps automate tasks, analyze dashboard, and notify users. There are multiple features in an events calendar that help you organize an event.

What is the best calendar plugin for WordPress?

WordPress Events Plugin

Try EventPrime Now!

EventPrime is one such plugin designed by Metagauss. It helps you create events, manage performers, and analyze attendee details.

Check some features of the EventPrime WordPress event registration plugin. These features help you increase your efficiency:

  • Create any number of WordPress events. Just open the Admin Panel calendar, click on the date, and make an event.
  • Use this WordPress event calendar plugin to access the dashboard. This dashboard has an overview of your event activities. From performer to attendee details, check everything in a click.
  • Manage performers of the event from the calendar only. Add and modify details of performers as and when you like.
  • Overview attendee details. You can even filter these attendees based on various factors to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Allow users to create events on your website from the frontend. Check the event details and publish it if you think it is good.
  • Use event widgets, such as countdown, calendar, site map, and event slider. These widgets can be enabled from the Admin Panel.

How Does Productivity Increases with an Events Manager?

If you are wondering how a WordPress events plugin can boost efficiency, then read below.


WordPress Events Plugin

As an event organizer company, you need to automate a few tasks.

You can’t write code for every event on your website.

You can’t rush to the development team as soon as you need to make changes.

Installing a WordPress event list plugin on your website helps you automate. You can inform attendees when there’s a change in event details. You can send an automated email as soon as someone registers for an event.

These corporate event management activities become critical when achieved manually. Using a WordPress events plugin to automate a few tasks can reduce your burden.

Easy Management

WordPress Events Plugin

Get every data on the WP event manager’s dashboard. This area is your hub for event-related information.

You can check performers and add or delete these performers as per event’s settings. It is also possible to check the attendee list from this modern events calendar.

Apart from performer and attendee details, you can check event settings, including time, location, etc.

Simply put, the events dashboard gives you an overview of your events and its details.

Greater Visibility

WordPress Events Plugin

When you have so many widgets with the events calendar WordPress, why are you worried about the visibility?

Widgets like events countdown, slider, and location can make your events visible to users. Without these, your events are just sitting in the list. Your users may not be able to find the latest events, upcoming events, etc.

However, with widgets offered by this WordPress event management plugin, you can improve visibility.

For example, EventPrime offers a slider widget, where you can place your top events. These events would become more visible to your visitors.


Today, you can’t run a successful campaign without knowing how well it is performing. Without a WordPress events plugin, how will event organizer companies understand that?

This WordPress events plugin creates charts and graphs to help you analyze data. For example, the number of submissions and event popularity. Knowing these numbers help in personalizing and improving future events plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About EventPrime

How Events Calendar Work?

EventPrime offers you a backend calendar, which you can use to manage events. Just find the date on which you want to create an event and add details. When you will hover your cursor on this date, you would be able to check the event’s details.

Can I Check Submissions from the Calendar?

No, you can’t. But, you can check these bookings from your dashboard. For more information on bookings, you may need to check the Attendee Manager. It contains details like type of booking, time of booking, list of attendees, etc.

You can add the Attendee Manager extension from the website to start using it. Once you buy it, it will be available on your admin panel.

Can I Allow My Users to Submit Events?

If you are an events marketplace, then you can allow users to submit events from the frontend. These events can be reviewed by the admin for approval. The user just needs to fill a form, which is set up by the admin.

How Can I Improve Features of EventPrime?

You can easily extend the features of your EventPrime plugin. Visit the website’s Plans tab to view extensions of EventPrime. Moreover, many of these extensions are free, so you can just install them on your website. Also, many others are paid, which means you may have to buy these extensions first.

Here are our favorite extensions:

  • PayPal Payments
  • Live Seating
  • Event Analytics
  • Offline Payments
  • Guest Bookings
  • Recurring Events
  • Event Comments
  • Event Wishlist
  • Automatic Discounts

Can I Integrate with WooCommerce?

Yes, you can easily integrate WooCommerce with this plugin. Just purchase and install the WooCommerce extension to create an e-commerce store. It will also be integrated into the checkout and bookings page.

Can You Accept Bookings in Various Currencies?

EventPrime has an extension that helps you accept multi-currency bookings. On our website, you can buy this extension to start using it for multi-currency payments. Also, you can manage this extension from the event settings page.


How do I add an event on WordPress?

How do I use an event calendar in WordPress?

Here’s the starter guide that can help you install the EventPrime WordPress events plugin.

An event booking plugin on WordPress can streamline your event creation and bookings. All you need to do is focus on your event strategy, performers, and experience. Moreover, when you are able to give enough time to these activities, the outcome is favorable. You get better productivity and efficiency!

Further, if you wish to use more products by Metagauss, then try our Metabundle. It is a mix of EventPrime, RegistrationMagic, and ProfileGrid. Get the power to create events, forms, and communities on your website.

For more details or queries, reach out to us in the below comment box.

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