Built, Configure, & Publish The Most Interactive Events On Your WordPress Site

Event Calendar
Add and view events in the event calendar on both the WP Dashboard and site front-end.
Event Types
Categorize your events by creating and configuring Event Types with differentiating color swatches.
Event Sites
Configure event sites and locations where events can be hosted.
Create and add Performers to events. Performers can compete as well in a match event.
Event Bookings
Enable or disable event bookings to register Attendees for events. Bookings have specific start and end dates.
Attendees Manager
View and manage event Attendees from a single screen with multiple preference filters.

Event Dashboard

EventPrime empowers your WordPress events with an event dashbord from where users can configure event type, event site, performers, bookings, and so much more. Never before you would have seen such a versatile dashboard for WordPress events. And that too so comfortably balanced.
  • All configurable event settings in one place.
  • Beautifully designed icons to differentiate various setting categories.
  • List of all latest event bookings.
  • Access to Global Settings from within the Event Dashboard.

Beautiful Design and Comfortable User Interface

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EventPrime is a unique WordPress Event Calendar Managment plugin that allows you to create and manage events from an events calendar within the WordPress Dashboard itself. What you create from the dashboard is what the users will see on the front-end.
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