Live Seating

Add live seat selection on your events and provide seat based tickets to your event attendees. Set a seating arrangement for all your Event Sites with specific rows, columns, and walking aisles using EventPrime's very own Event Site Seating Builder.

  • Build unique custom seating arrangement for each Event Site.
  • Set rows and columns of seating with empty space for walking aisles as well.
  • Assign seat based tickets to attendees upon registration for a seat for an event.
  • Customize template of event tickets.
  • Reserve seats that you do not want attendees to select during event registration.
  • Users can choose which seats to select when registering for an event.
  • You can assign color for available, booked, reserved and selected seats

Current Version: 1.0.7

Minimum EventPrime Version Required: 2.7.0

Last Updated: 19 Oct 2022

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