EventPrime Extensions

Add more power to your EventPrime events with the help of these extensions...
Live Seating
Add live seat selection on your events and provide seat based tickets to your event attendees. Set a seating arrangement for all your Event Sites with specific rows, columns, and walking aisles using EventPrime's very own Event Site Seating Builder.
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Event Analytics
Stay updated on all the Revenue and Bookings coming your way through EventPrime. The Event Analytics extension empowers you with data and graphs that you need to know how much your events are connecting with their audience.
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Event Sponsors
Add Sponsor(s) to your events. Upload Sponsor logos and they will appear on the event page alongside all other details of the event.
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Offline Payments Extension Icon
Offline Payments
Don’t want to use any online payment gateway to collect your event booking payments? Don’t worry. With the Offline Payments extension, you can accept event bookings online while you collect booking payments from attendees offline.
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Stripe Payments
Start accepting Event Booking payments using the Stripe Payment Gateway. By integrating Stripe with EventPrime, event attendees can now pay with their credit cards while you receive the payment in your Stripe account.
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Recurring Events Extension Icon
Recurring Events
Create events that recur by your specified numbers of days, weeks, months, or years. Make updates to all recurring events at once by updating the main event. Or make custom changes to individual recurring events, such as different performers, event sites, booking amount etc.
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Coupon Codes Ext Icon
Coupon Codes
Create and activate coupon codes for allowing Attendees for book for events at a discount. Set discount type and limits on coupon code usage, or deactivate at will.
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Attendees List Icon
Attendees List
Display names of your Event Attendees on the Event page. Or within the new Attendees List widget.
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Guest Booking Ext Icon
Guest Bookings
Allow attendees to complete their event bookings without registering or logging in.
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Event Wishlist Icon
Event Wishlist
Users can now wishlist events that they would like to attend and can see the list of all their wishlisted events on their frontend profiles.
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Event List Widgets
Add 3 new Event Listing widgets to your website. These are the Popular Events list, Featured Events list, and Related Events list widgets.
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Event Comments Icon
Event Comments
Allow users to post comments on EventPrime events. Admins can manage these comments the same way as they manage WordPress comments.
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Admin Attendee Bookings Icon
Admin Attendee Bookings
Admins can now create custom attendee bookings from the backend EventPrime dashboard.
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Automatic Discounts
Automatic Discounts
Automatically display discounts on an event for a user based on Admin rules. With Automatic Discount Extension, you can create and activate discounts by setting rules (eligibility criteria) to offer the eligible users a discount on bookings.
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