Are you planning to build an event management website using WordPress? Looking for the simplest way to enhance the functionality of your website? Your search ends here as we have an amazing solution for you. You can enhance the functionality of your event website by installing a superb WordPress plugin i.e. EventPrime event management plugin. It has an easy to use event dashboard or event management dashboard that makes the process extremely simple. Not only that, save time with this dynamic dashboard event WordPress plugin.

Features of EventPrime Event Management Plugin

Whether you want to set the type of the event, assign the location to any event, add performers, you can easily perform the same with the help of a versatile dashboard of EventPrime WP event manager. Further, it contains all the configuration settings of an event in one place. Continuing the discussion, we will here talk about how to make the best use of the Event Dashboard of EventPrime website on your WordPress website.  Let’s take a look.

Steps in Install & Activate EventPrime WP event manager Plugin

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To enjoy the benefits of the Seamless Event Calendar extension, you need to first install and then activate the EventPrime events manager WordPress plugin on your WordPress website. To download this WordPress event registration plugin, follow the below-mentioned steps, or just click the button above:

  1. Visit the Plugins option on your WordPress Dashboard. 
  2. In the search box, search for EventPrime events manager WordPress Plugin.
  3. Once you get the plugin, click on the ‘Install’ button and then the ‘Activate’ button to get access to the EventDashboard.
  4. Once the plugin is installed, on the left panel of your WordPress website dashboard, you will find the EventDashboard. Below is the image for your reference:

To shed some light on the subject, we will now discuss how you can make the best use of this event manager dashboard on your WordPress website and will discuss every feature in brief:

Multiple Options that you Find on the Event Dashboard


The very first option in the event manager dashboard is “Events”. This feature helps you create events directly from the event calendar. You only have to click on any date on the events calendar. Now, set the name, date, time, booking price, and your event is created.  Events will appear in the color of their Event Type colors. This helps the users to easily distinguish the type of events among the various events in the calendar. You can also hover your cursor over any date to view quick details of an event in the event calendar.

Event Type

Not all events are meant for everyone. Events are organized keeping their prospective audience in mind and that is what differs a successful event from an unsuccessful one. For example, if you are a lot into music, chances are, you’ll attend rock concerts more often than spelling bees. EventPrime WP events plugin helps you do so with the help of its Event Type feature. Using this feature, you can easily categorize your WordPress events into meaningful, distinguishable types.

Event Sites/Locations

Event Sites are the locations where an organizer host the events. Using the Event Sites/Location feature on the Event Dashboard, you can add an Event Site’s history, such as when it was established, its image gallery, as well as its location on the map. You can also display a complete directory of all Event Sites using its directory shortcode.


Using this feature of the EventPrime WP events plugin, you can easily create and assign Performers to your events, with their own Bio, Role, and Image. You can also see the list of Performers individually using their shortcodes or can check the complete Performers Directory using the full Performer Directory shortcode. You can even create match events where two performs are competing against each other.


Further, if you want to view and manage Attendees, you can do the same from a single page in the EventPrime Dashboard. You get a tabular view of all Attendees of your events. Apply filters to find exactly the specific list of Attendees you are looking for. You can also export the Attendees list as CSV too so you can analyze it with your favorite spreadsheet app.

Coupon Codes

EventPrime WordPress event management plugin also lets you add coupons to your website for the users.  Seamlessly manage and create coupons to allow discounts to your customers. You can create ‘n’ numbers of coupons with unique codes. Each coupon code creates uniquely so that there is no room for errors. Event Dashboard

Similarly, there are other features available in the plugin such as generating tickets, publishing shortcodes, and more. EventPrime WordPress event management plugin also comes with an array of free and paid extensions. You can download any of the extensions to make your website fully functional. 

In A Nutshell

In this blog, we have accumulated all the data on how to use the event dashboard on your WordPress website. Running a dynamic event management website or being a WP event organiser can be a bit hectic. However, you must use a solution that is easy to implement and use. One such solution is the EventPrime WP event organiser plugin. 


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