You can generate numerous types of data regarding your events websites using Event analytics.

This can include data such as the revenue generated on your event website or the number of bookings done for a specific event. Further, the data can be represented in the form of charts and graphs.

To analyze events on your website, you require an event stream analytics extension. The extension harnesses the data through precise visibility so that you can make more informed decisions for future events.

Moreover, such extensions also help to focus on sales as well as on the activities of the attendees over a period of time. You can analyze data related to a specific event or multiple WordPress events.

You can also filter data based on various options such as location, event, data of a particular month, or a week, and more.

Event Analytics by EventPrime is one of the ingenious analytics extensions that can help you analyze the performance of any event or check the revenue from any particular location or event.

Further, the extension helps you gain knowledge about your website visitors and lets you analyze the performance index of the upcoming event.



Overview of Event Analytics Extension:

Event Analytics extension helps you stay updated on all the Revenue and Bookings bônus. The extension empowers you with data and graphs that can help you analyze how much your WordPress events are comprehending with their audience.

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Features of Event Analytics Extension:

Here are a few highlights of this extension:

  • The extension adds a new WordPress analytics dashboard page.
  • You can easily process event stats on the basis of revenue or bookings.
  • The extension provides line graphs as a visual representation of the event stats.
  • You can apply data filters based on events, specific dates, and/or event sites.

You can learn more about the features of this extension and EventPrime here.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Analyze Events on your WordPress Website

To install and activate the Event Analytics extension, download it from the button below. Once downloaded, install and activate the extension on your WordPress Dashboard.

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Note: If you already have any version of EventPrime installed on your website, you do not need to download the extension separately.

Follow the below-given steps to use the event monitoring analytics extension:

Step1: Once you activate the extension, hover your cursor over the EventPrime menu on the left menu bar, and click “Analytics” in the drop-down menu.

event analytics

Step2: On the Analytics page, you can check the analytics report on the basis of two options i.e. Revenue and Booking.

Event Analytics

Step3: On selecting the Revenue option, further you will get multiple options, such as the name of the event, specific dates, and/or event sites.

Event Analytics Event Analytics

Event Analytics

Step4: Once you select the option and click on the Filter button. The line graph will be displayed on the screen. 

Event Analytics

This graph will help you analyze events and the revenue details of the selected event. 

Step5: Similarly, when you click on the booking option, you can apply the same filters and track the booking performance. 

Event Analytics

Concluding Note

Event Analytics extension helps you analyze the performance/revenue of the events and get to know the activities of the attendees. This can help you build strategies based on the data and increase your ROI.

The extension easily processes virtual event statistics on the basis of revenue or bookings in just a few clicks. It also provides line graphs as a visual representation of the virtual event statistics.

It is extremely easy to use and manage. You can manage it from your website’s WordPress analytics dashboard without any hassle. This extension will help you get the exact and precise data.

Moreover, if you wish to add more advanced features to your events, the EventPrime events plugin offers a wide range of extensions.

These extensions are available in a free core plugin as well as a premium bundle. In addition to that, you can purchase a simple extension of your choice. 

If you have any questions related to the extension or EventPrime, feel free to comment below. Our experts will reach out to you with the best solution.

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