If you are looking for a simple and easy way to enhance your website functionality by displaying your event attendee list, you are on the right page.

An event attendee list is simply a list of all the attendees who are going to attend an event. You can display this event attendee list on your WordPress website to enhance the functionality of your events.

The event attendee list increases curiosity and encourages users to be a part of the event.

This list works as a psychological phenomenon similar to reviews on products and provides proof for website users to know about other members participating in the event.

To display the list, you can use Attendees List Extension offered by EventPrime.

Attendees List Extension is an event attendee management extension that is exceptionally easy to use and can be a boon for event-based websites. 

Overview and features of event attendee list extension

display event attendee list

The Attendees List extension has some salient features and functionalities. Adding this feature to your WordPress website will help you manage and display the names of your attendees who are going to attend an event on the website. Here are some of the highlights of this extension:

  • You can display attendee names or remove displayed names from your event page.
  • This extension creates a section titled ‘Attendees’ on the event page where the names will be displayed.
  • You can add a brand new Attendees list widget from Appearance available on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • With a simple process of selecting the event from the widget set, you can display the attendee names in the widget.
  • The attendee name list appears as a stunning list in the frontend of your WordPress website.

A step-by-step guide to display event attendee list on your WordPress website

To activate and install the Attendees List extension, you need to go to the All Extensions Page of the EventPrime and download the extension. Once downloaded, install and activate the extension on your WordPress dashboard.

Try Attendees List Extension

Note: EventPrime Premium or Premium+, already include the Attendee list extension. If you have any of the above packages, you do not need to install the extension separately. 

Step1: Once the installation process is completed, go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website, and you will find the EventPrime left menu.

event attendee list

Step2: Go to the Events page and select or create an event on which you would like to display attendee names katalog.

event attendee list

Step3: In the Setting section of your selected event, you will see an option to ‘Display Attendee Names.’ Tick the box if you wish to display attendee names.

event attendee list

Step4: Further, save the setting.

Setup Event Attendee List Widget

Step1: Once you have enabled the attendee names, now you can set up a widget. To set up the event attendee list widget, you need to go to ‘Appearances’ in you left menu bar.

event attendee list

Step2: You can further scroll down and find the Event Attendee list extension.

event attendee list

Step3: Select the location of the website where you want to place the widget.

event attendee list

Step4: Further, scroll to the top and find SideBar. Here select ‘EventPrime Attendee List’ and fill in the details.

You can name the list anything that fits your requirements such as ‘Attendees of the meeting’, ‘Virtual Attendees’, or ‘Conference Attendee List.’

event attendee list

Step5: Once you save the setting, your event attendee list will be displayed on the front end of your Event page.

event attendee list

event attendee list

Similarly, you can create a widget for the event attendee list and place it according to your preference.

Frontend examples of the event attendee list

Example1: Here is an example of ‘Yoga’ event with an attendee list widget. Similarly, for a meeting, you can change the list name to ‘Attendees of the meeting.’

display event attendee list

Example2: Here you can see the attendee list displayed at the end of the page.

event attendee list

To Conclude

This extension helps you display the event attendee list and add more striking features to your website. You can also compile a list of customers that attend the event and display it as a widget on your website page.

It is extremely easy to use and manage. You can manage it from your website dashboard without any hassle.

You can use it to compile a list of customers that attend the event. Moreover, this events extension is surely going to increase your booking rates. In addition to that, you require zero coding knowledge to use this extension. You can explore more features similar to the attendee list here

If you have any questions related to this extension, feel free to comment below and our team of experts will reach out with the best solution.

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  1. Reply

    Our band is looking for an option to be able to see who is attending a parade/event and need to see names, instrument played, a yes , no or maybe option. It would also help if the individual instrument listing with who is playing them was available, IE Pipers – list of names, Tenor – list of names etc. We use the ARM login system so i am not sure if we can integrate the login to populate the fields for names at least? As we are a Police entity, security is on the forefront of the list. Is this a doable function for you program?
    Thanks for your assistance
    Bruce Harborne
    Delta Police Pipe Band

  2. Reply

    I am trying to show the event attendees on separate frontend page using the widget. Although the EventPrime Attendees List plugin is activated, the settings “Namen Von Teilnehmern Aktivieren” and “Show Attendee Names” have been ticked
    – the widget is not available in wordpress 6.1.1 -> design/appearance ->
    Where do I find ?

    1. Reply

      Hi Gregorio, thank you for trying out EventPrime. If you do not see widget section under Appearance section you can try it by change themes. If you still face any issue you can send us support ticket and we will look into it asap.

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