Looking for an easy way to display automatic discounts on an event?

After researching many event-based websites, we have evaluated that users usually get attracted to automatic discount and offer. This happens because people love attractive deals, irrespective of their type. This is why, event management websites offer a wide variety of WooCommerce discount coupon, promotional sales, and discount offers to their customers to grab their attention.

Automatic Discount

If you too own an event-based website and want to apply discounts on the events, you may find many eCommerce extensions. Out of the available options, EventPrime’s Automatic Discount is the right WooCommerce discount plugin for you. Continuing the discussion, in this blog we will discuss in detail how the amazing EventPrime’s WooCommerce Automatic Discount extension helps in generating automatic discounts on any event. We will also shed some light on the step-by-step procedure of using the extension, which will help the users to take advantage of the WooCommerce discount plugin and know how to use it. Let’s dig in. 


Introduction to Automatic Discount Extension

EventPrime has come up with another amazing extension i.e. Automatic Discount WoCommerce Extension. The extension helps the website owner to automatically display discounts on any event for the user based on admin rules. Using Automatic Discount WoCommerce Extension, a user can easily create automatic discounts on different events by setting eligibility criteria for the eligible users on bookings. Such WordPess discounts will be applied automatically to the bookings. The extension also allows you to add promotional text on the frontend. Continuing the discussion, let’s read in detail about the WooCommerce automatic discount extension and take a quick look at its key features.

Automatic Discount

Features of Automatic Discount Extension

  • It allows you to create automatic discounts for users based on different rules.
  • Set admin rules (eligibility criteria) for a discount based on date and time, number of bookings, and user role.
  • Automatically display the discounts to the users based on their eligibility.
  • For user role-based discount you can set a booking limit for an attendee.
  • Woocommerce quantity discounts can be set as a fixed amount or percentage of the booking price.
  • Select the priority of a rule and decide which discount or coupon to display first if a user is eligible for more than one discount.
  • You can change the priority from the Automatic WooCommerce Discount Rules dashboard with the drag and drop feature.
  • Option to activate or deactivate any WooCommerce discount rules whenever required.
  • Add promotional text and discount slogan for front-end users who see discounts.
  • You can also limit to display of discount slogans and promo text to visitors or not.
  • Create unlimited sets of admin rules and WooCommerce discount codes
    for any event.


How to Install the Automatic Discount Extension

If you already have an EventPrime plugin on your admin, then it is highly likely that you know the process of installing its extensions, such as Automatic Discount. However, for your convenience, we have explained the process below. Check out:

  • To start with, firstly, purchase the Automatic Discount extension by EventPrime. You can find it on the extensions page of the Event Prime website.

Try Automatic Discounts Extension

  • Once you purchase the extension, you will get the extension file to your computer. Install the same on your WordPress website and click on activate to avail of the functionalities. 
  • Before installing the Automatic Discount extension, Go to the “Installed Plugins” option and check that the EventPrime plugin is already installed.


Step-by-Step Procedure to Use Automatic Discount Extension

  • Once the installation procedure is complete, hover your cursor on the EventPrime option on the left menu. 

  • Here you will find multiple options in the dropdown. Go to the global settings option of the EventPrime.
  • Click on the EventPrime Automatic Discount option.Automatic Discount
  • This will redirect you to the Automatic Discount settings page.
  • First of all, enter the name of your discount rule in the “Discount Rule Name” text box. It will help you identify the discount rule among the list of other rules.
  • After this, select the rule type. Here, choose the primary logic based on the rule type.
  • Now, activate the “Active Check box”. This will help you apply only the active discounts to the events. If you do not wish to go live with this discount, you can turn off this option.
  • After activating the Active Discount check box, set the rule priority. If you created multiple discount rules, and more than one rule applies to a scenario, the visitor will see the discount offer which has a higher priority. Out of which 1 will be of top priority.
  • Click on the “Disable on volume discounts” check box. This functionality will let you disable the discount when the booking already has a volume discount applied. If required, you can also apply this discount to the booking price after the volume discount. This option will not affect you if you have not set volume discounts.
  • After entering the required settings, click on the Save button.
  • The settings will help the users see the automatic discounts on the events while purchasing the tickets. Automatic Discount
  • Additionally, you can also check the automatic discount in your cart while making the payment.



If you want to customize the discount settings on any event according to the eligibility criteria of a user or their type, then Automatic Discount is the right extension you are searching for. All you need to do is, follow the simple steps that are mentioned in this blog to start using the extension.

Usually, the task of assigning a discount on an event website is not an easy task. Hence, have a look at the above steps, add the EventPrime plugin and Automatic Discount extension to your WordPress website, and personalize your user experience in a hassle-free manner. In case you face any issue while installing the extension or the EventPrime plugin, then comment below. We would be happy to reach out to you with the best solution.


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