If you are an event organizer whose business relies on the attendees and viewers, offering easy event bookings WordPress solution to them is a mandate. Being a business owner you need to make sure that the booking process is smooth both for the attendees as well as for you. If you are building WordPress event booking websites and looking to enhance your business by offering the best custom attendee bookings solution then EventPrime is one of the renowned event booking plugin WordPress or WordPress venue booking plugin that you should install.

EventPrime is a dynamic event booking plugin WordPress that comes with a host of many in-built and premium extensions. One such extension that EventPrime offers to add custom attendee booking to WordPress event ticket booking sites is Admin Attendee Booking.

Using the Admin attendee bookings extension, your visitors can have an easier and faster scheduling experience. This will definitely offer the easiest online seat booking experience with the help of the admin in a fraction of minutes. Continuing the discussion, in this blog we will read about this extension in detail. Let’s take a look. 

Benefits of Customizing Attendees’ Bookings

The online booking show tickets feature is a must-have for your online event organizer website in the first place. Your major objective is for attendees to book and pay for services, which is why you need an event booking system WordPress/WordPress plugin event booking that worries about all of the required details for you, leaving you and your event ticket booking sites visitors with the most painless online event ticket booking experience possible.  And the same goes for online concert ticket bookings, online party booking, and other event booking experience. 

Customizing your online booking show tickets system will let you take complete control of your business workflow. All this is possible with Admin Attendee Booking Extension. Here you can find more advanced & personalized options. Whether you are organizing an event on yoga practices, or art & craft training, you can book the tickets for the attendees to give them a smooth event ticket booking experience and grow your business many times. Furthermore, another major benefit of the extension is that you can easily set-up the same in just a few minutes in order to enjoy an effortless, commission-free process to amplify your business management. 

In addition to that, after understanding the benefits of this useful feature, you would definitely like to know about the features of the Admin Attendee Booking Extension. Let’s dig in.

Features of Admin Attendee Booking Extension

The Admin Attendee Booking extension is a premium extension of the EventPrime best event booking plugin WordPress. The event booking system WordPress plugin comes with multiple dynamic features, some of which we have discussed above. If we talk about the custom attendee bookings extension specifically, here are some of the highlights:

  • Admin can create new custom attendee online concert ticket bookings, online party bookings, or other bookings from the backend.
  • No payment from the attendee will be required to create bookings from the backend.
  • The event price will appear as usual to the attendee.
  • Get Event display in Card, List, Day, Week, Month view in the backend for creating a booking.
  • Filter events by Keywords, Event Type, Date, Event Site.
  • All attendee bookings created by the admin will be listed in the Attendees section along with other frontend bookings.

Now, let’s shed some light on how to install and activate the Admin Attendee Booking Extension.

Installing & Activating the Admin Attendee Booking Extension

First of all, to install and activate this amazing extension to your WordPress website, go to the All Extensions page of EventPrime.

custom attendee bookings

Scroll down to the Admin Attendee Booking extension and click on “More Info.”

Further, click on the Purchase button to buy the extension.

Try Admin Attendee Booking Extension

Now complete the checkout and payment procedure to download the extension.

How to Add Admin Attendee Booking Extension to your WordPress Website

1. Once the extension is downloaded, go to the Plugins option on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.

2. Now hover your cursor over the plugins and click on the Add New button.

3. Now upload the downloaded extension from your computer. 

4. After uploading the extension, you will find it in the list of “All extensions”. 

5. Click on activate to enjoy the benefits of the Custom Attendee Bookings extension. 

6. You can also deactivate the extension in the future as per your requirement.

7. Now, let’s discuss how to use the amazing extension.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use the Custom Attendee Bookings Extension
  1. Once you activate the extension, hover your cursor on the EventPrime extension to access the multiple option.
  2. There you will find multiple options. Go to Attendee.
  3. The Attendee pop up screen appears on your screen.
  4. On the top menu, you will find Add New Attendees Booking option.
  5. This will redirect you to the Attendee Booking screen where you will find a reset filter with options such as Search by Keyword, Search by Event Type, Search by Date, Search by Event Site and click on Search.
  6. After selecting a particular event, you can now enter the number of tickets you wish to book.
  7. In addition to this, fill in the required details such as the number of tickets, the name of the attendees, and click on proceed.
  8. Now check the availability of the seats and reserve the desired seat.
  9. Once, you are done booking the tickets, you can view your booking summary.
  10. Click on proceed to check out of the booking procedure and get your ticket.
  11. You can also view the details of the ticket that you have booked in the backend from the list of Attendee Bookings List.custom attendee bookings
In a Nutshell

EventPrime comes with an array of free and paid extensions. Apart from custom attendee bookings, there are other features available in the best event booking plugin WordPress such as generating tickets, publishing shortcodes, and more. Furthermore, you can download any of the extensions to make your website fully functional. In conclusion, we have accumulated all the data on how to incorporate custom attendee bookings extension on your WordPress event booking websites. Running dynamic event bookings WordPress and management websites can be a bit hectic. However, you must use a solution that is easy to implement and use. One such free event booking plugin WordPress is EventPrime. This dynamic event ticket booking WordPress plugin is your one-stop solution. 


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