Most of the time we come across events that are single-day events or multi-day events. But there are times when we need to create a series of events. These specific events are also known as recurring events. Most of the event themes lack this functionality. Further, many event calendar plugins also do not come with this functionality. However, recurring events are quite important as they add to your monetization. If you are an event organizer facing difficulties in creating recurring events on your WordPress website, we have a solution to create recurring events.

EventPrime is a dynamic plugin for WordPress event websites which not only offers some striking functionalities but also offers Recurring Events Extension. This extension allows you to create recurring events on your WordPress website. You can get the complete plugin or you can choose to go with this single extension. Let’s discuss some of the ravishing features of this extension along with a step-by-step guide to using it.

Overview and features of Recurring Events Extension:

This absolutely amazing extension allows you to create events that can be recurred by a specific number of days, weeks, months, and even years. You can further go ahead and create your own recurring events. You can also customize these recurring events with different performers, booking amount, seatings, event sites, and more. Although, the list is huge, here are a few highlights of the best features of Recurring Events Extension:

  • This extension has a seamless process of enabling recurring events in EventPrime.
  • No need to hover around, access recurrence Settings from the Event Dashboard.
  • Customize your event recurrence by the number of days, weeks, months, or years.
  • You can also create recurring events for a specific day in a week.
  • Further, you can go ahead and create recurring events on a specific day in a month.
  • In addition to that, you can also create a recurring event for a specific day of any month in a year.
  • Another great feature of this extension is that you can charge a one-time booking fee with a one-time booking option for all upcoming recurring events.
  • You can also change the event properties for Recurring Events by changing the settings of the Main Event.
A step-by-step guide on how to create recurring events and how to install Recurring Events Extension:

1. First of all, to install and activate the Recurring Events Extension, you need to go to the EventPrime website. You can further go to the All Extensions Page to purchase the extension.


2. Once you open the page, scroll down to the bottom to find the Recurring Events Extension. Click on the ‘More Info” to proceed further.


3. Further, go ahead and click the purchase button to complete the payment and the checkout process.

Try Recurring Events Extension

4. After completing the checkout process and installing the extension to your backend, go to the “EventPrime” left menu.

5. On the main events page, either you can create a new event there. Or you can change the current event property by going to the main event’s setting.

6. Further, it will give you multiple options to configure. Click on recurrence.

create recurring events

7. After you click on Recurrence, you get two checkboxes. One with the “Enable Event Recurrence” option and the other with the “Automated Booking With Recurrence Event” option.

create recurring events

8. Once tick the Enable Event Recurrence option, you can set up the recurring intervale, date, time, month, and year of the event.

create recurring events

9. You can also set the recurring limit here. It will be the day until the event will be active.

10. Go ahead and save the setting for your recurring event and it will be displayed on your main event calendar.

create recurring events

In Conclusion

Recurring events can be a great benefit, especially for the event organizers. This feature can save your time and effort in creating events every time manually. Moreover, if you go with Recurring Events Extension, you can save additional efforts of setting charges on each event. Moreover, there are multiple other great extensions offered by EventPrime that are not only time saving and amazing but are also a perfect fit for your pocket. Go ahead and explore some for your WordPress event website!

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