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If you are looking for an easy guide to create a free event management website or a paid one, you have clicked the right link! 

After receiving a ton of comments from our users with a request to create an easy guide for event management companies, we decided to run a research of our own. 

What we discovered? It was simply unexpected!

After almost a month of research and going through the existing guides, we discovered the root cause of so many requests on the same topic by our users. 

The existing guides are complicated! Moreover, even if there are a few good ones, they lack one feature or the other. 

So, we decided to hand this task over to our WordPress experts. 

Over the period of time, our experts developed this full guide that not only is extremely detailed and easy to follow but also addresses all the challenges that any beginner or an expert event management website designer might face. 

Let’s get started!



An easy and complete guide to create an event management website

Event Management Website

We’ll start by answering some of the questions asked by our users on the same topic.

User: How do I create an event management website?

Ans: To create any paid or free event management website, you’ll just need a few digital tools, some spare time, zero coding knowledge, and this easy guide by our experts.

User: How do I create a conference website?

Ans: Creating a conference website is similar to creating any event management website. If you have an existing website to which you want to add the feature of creating conferences, you can try the EventPrime plugin.

EventPrime is one of the best WP event manager plugins as well as WordPress conference plugins. All you need to do is install this WordPress conference plugin and create events. 

User: What are the types of event management?

Ans: To be honest, our experts can answer any question related to WordPress, creating websites, wp event manager plugins, themes, and even coding. But about ‘Types of event management,’ their knowledge might fall a bit short. However, they did Google it! So, here are some of the blogs you can refer to as an answer to this question:

User: How do I manage an online event?

manage an online event

Ans: To manage an online event on your website, you can try WP event manager plugins available in the market. 

Now, let us get to the building part!

4 digital tools required to create event management websites

To start building your event management sites, you’ll require the following digital tools:

Hosting and domain name

hosting event management website

In simple words, hosting is the place where your website lives, and a domain name is the name of your website. For example, eventprime.net is the domain of this website. 

There are various domain and hosting solutions available online; however, our experts suggest the following:

  • SiteGround, 
  • BlueHost, 
  • And Inmotion.


WordPress event management website

WordPress.org is the best CMS you can use to build your event management sites. Compared to wordpress.com, .org offers an array of free WordPress event management plugins and free WordPress event themes. 

In addition to that, .org is exceptionally flexible and easy to use. They offer everything starting from hosting, themes, extensions to WP calendar plugin. 

WordPress event theme

event management themes

A theme is a skeleton of a website. It gives a structure and flow to a website. Further, a theme almost has everything that one requires to build a website. 

WordPress offers a range of WordPress event themes. These event management themes offer a range of event management website templates, that you can choose from. You can easily customize these event management website templates as well.

And if you want a handpicked list of top event management WordPress themes by our WordPress experts, please comment below, and we’ll hook you up!

WordPress event management plugin


Try EventPrime Now!

A plugin is like salt to a website. Without it, the website is incomplete. A plugin helps you to add dynamic features, unique functionalities, and advanced characteristics to your website. 

One of the best WordPress event plugins that you can use for your event management sites is EventPrime. This WordPress event plugin is available in three versions:

  • Free: In this free WordPress event plugin, you will get all the 9 extensions and 90+ features that are required to build any event management website. 
  • Premium: The premium version of this best WordPress events plugin offers even more advanced features and extensions such as Live seating, Offline payment, Coupon codes, and much more. 
  • Premium+: The premium+ EventPrime version comes with everything in the premium bundle plus a license for unlimited sites and lifetime updates and support. 

Explore all the features of EventPrime here.

Basic requirements of best event management websites that other guides lack

Event management website

For best event management websites, there are a few basic sets of features that are required, which are:

  • Member area or user profile
  • Event creation and management
  • Payment set up and booking management
  • Various types of forms
  • Event analytics

This is the area where most of the existing guides lack. The available guides lack to navigate the users on what features to include and how to use them. 

Features and extensions of EventPrime that meets all the requirements of an event management website

EventPrime being a feature-rich and complete solution for all event website needs, offers various extensions and functionalities. Let’s explore these solutions along with the recommended guides by our experts:

Member area or user profile


The very basic feature you will require as an event company website is to segregate your users into attendees and organizers. For which you will require your users to register to your website with a user-role. 

EventPrime comes with an integration of ProfileGrid, one of the leading user profile plugins for WordPress websites. This integration allows your users to register to your website with a unique user profile and password.

It also allows you to create a user-based community with ProfileGrid and publish User Group specific events with EventPrime. Further, it allows you to publish Events exclusively for a certain group of community members. 

Recommended Read:

How to Publish User Group Specific Events on Your WordPress Website

Event creation and management

event management website

Being an event company website, you’ll need to create events and manage events on your website. As a solution, this WP calendar plugin provides a seamless calendar not only for you but for your users too. EventPrime is one of the best WordPress calendar plugins.

You can add, edit, and delete events in the backend with this seamless calendar. In addition to that, your users can book events and check events; also, your users will view the calendar how it appears on the backend. 

Apart from the seamless event calendar, EventPrime has an events dashboard to help you manage the events. 

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WordPress Event Calendar Shortcodes By EventPrime

Payment set up and booking management.

Offline Payments Extension Icon

It is necessary for any event management companies website to set up an event booking system and payment gateway for the users. As a solution to this basic requirement, EventPrime comes with PayPal integration and a complete booking system.

It allows your users to book tickets for events and make a payment. Further, it offers guest booking options as well. Not only that, you can easily manage the bookings and payments using the EventPrime menu bar in the backend. Know more about WordPress event booking from the recommended resources. 

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How To Allow Event Guest Bookings On Your WordPress Website

WordPress Event Booking Plugin Done The Right Way

How to Incorporate PayPal Payment on your WordPress Website

Various types of forms


Another important functionality that your event organiser website will require is WordPress forms. You’ll need to publish various types of forms for your users and organizers—for example, payment forms, registration forms, membership forms, and much more.

As a solution to this, EventPrime provides RegistrationMagic integration. RegistrationMagic is another leading WordPress event registration form plugin for WordPress websites. You can use this integration to create endless types of forms with custom fields.

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Enhance Event Registrations with RegistrationMagic Integration

Event analytics

event management website

Analyzing events becomes a very hectic task for event management websites. And most of the time, you might end up doing it manually, which is time taking, frustrating, and, to be honest tedious. But with EventPrime, you can analyze your events without any hassle!

EventPrime comes with Event analytics, which allows you to stay updated on all the revenue and bookings. The Event Analytics extension stores data and comes with graphs that exhibit how much the events are connecting with their audience.

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How to Use Event Analytics on your WordPress Website

A step-by-step guide to create an event management website

Once you are ready with all the digital tools we mentioned above, log in to your WordPress account and follow the below-given steps.

Installing WordPress event theme

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress backend and open Dashboard.

Event Management Theme

Step 2: Scroll down and go to Appearance > Themes in the left menu bar.

Step 3: Click on ‘Add Themes’ to add a new theme.

add event management theme

Step 4: To upload your membership theme file, you can click on ‘Upload theme’ and upload the theme file. You can search for the theme as well in the ‘Search bar.’

upload theme

Step 5: Once you upload the theme, you can install and activate it. Else if you are searching for the theme in the backend, you can click on ‘Install’ to install and activate it.

install event theme

Installing EventPrime plugin

Step 1: Go to the EventPrime website and click on ‘Plans,’ or click the button below.

EventPrime Plans

Try EventPrime Now!

Step2: Select the plan that suits your website requirements the best and click on the Download button.

Step 3: Once you have the downloaded file, go to the WordPress backend and click on ‘Plugins’ below ‘Appearance’ on the left menu bar.


Step 4: Follow the same path as you did for installing a theme, i.e., Add New > Upload Plugin > Activate. OR Add New > Search Plugin > Install > Activate.

Creating the first event

Step 1: Open your WordPress Dashboard.

EventPrime Menu

Step2: Click on ‘EventPrime’ on your left menu. 

Step 3: Just below the ‘Event Manage,’ you will find ‘Add New.’ Click on it.

Create New Event with EventPrime

Step4: A new window will pop up, where you need to add details of the event.

Step 5: Add an Event Title, Dates, Event Site Types, etc.

Step6: The performer list shows the name of the performer. To create a performers list, go to the ‘Performer’ option available on your EventPrime menu.

Add Performers

Step 7: Click on ‘Add New’ to add performers.

Step 8: Select the status of the event: Active, Unpublished, or Draft.

Additional resources

Now that you have added your theme, plugin and have also created your first event, here are some of the advanced resources that you may require to take your event management website a notch up!

  1. EventPrime Starter Guide
  2. Increase Productivity of events using best WordPress Events Plugin
  3. How to Manage Attendees for WordPress Events
  4. How to Add Performers to WordPress Events
  5. 10 Details To Always Include on Your Events Website
  6. How to Showcase Event Location Details of Your Event Sites
  7. Create and Earn from your Own Event Marketplace on WordPress in 2021

Closing Note

We have tried our best to include every piece of information you might require to build an amazing events management website on WordPress. Starting from user queries to step-by-step guides and additional resources, we have covered it all. 

Now, we’ll open the floor for your questions and comments. Feel free to comment below and ask our WordPress experts any questions you have. You can also recommend topics that you would like our team to cover next!

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