You can increase more loyal customers by enabling registered clients and guest visitors to use numerous discount coupons for their orders. Further this is one of the most commonly used marketing and sales tactics all over the globe. If you want to use this tactic and create coupon codes for your WordPress website, we have got a perfect solution for you! Coupon Code is an extension that can be a great solution offered by EventPrime. In addition to that EventPrime is one of the best and most popular calendar plugins for event management and scheduling.

Overview and features of Coupon Code

Coupon Code is a fantastic extension by EventPrime that offers some of the coolest coupon features and functionalities. You will find various difficulties in activating, managing and setting limits on coupon usage on various eCommerce platforms. But the Coupon Code extension allows you to overcome all those difficulties at once. With Coupon Code extension, you can set discount type and limits on coupon code usage, or deactivate at will. Here are some of the other features of Coupon Code extension:

  • Seamlessly manage and create coupons to allow discounts to your customers at checkout
  • You can create ‘n’ numbers of coupon with unique codes
  • Each coupon code is generated uniquely so that there is no room for errors
  • You can set the coupon discount as a fixed amount or percentage
  • Also, you can set an expiry date for the coupons, after which the coupon will automatically deactivate
  • You can activate or deactivate coupons whenever you want
  • Further, you can set a limit on the number of uses of the coupon per user basis
  • In addition to that, you can also set a limit on the total number of coupon usage


Stepwise process of installing Coupon Code Extension and how to create coupon codes:

1. To install this dynamic extension, you need to visit the All Extensions Page of EventPrime. You can simply click the button below.

All Extensions Page


2. Scroll down, and you will find the extension Coupon Codes. Click on “More Info” to go to the purchase page.


3. Click on the purchase button and complete the checkout process.


4. Activate and install the extension on your WordPress Website backend.

5. Once the installation is complete, go to the left side menu of EventPrime, where you will see the Coupons page. Click the page to open it.


6. You can create coupon codes here by filling out the details in the form.

7. You can set a name, code, discount type, discount for the coupon, as shown in the above image.

8. If you wish to set an expiry date for the coupon, you can tick the checkbox for the Expiry date and set a date.

9. You can activate the coupon by tick marking the Active checkbox.

10. Further, you can set a limit per customer or by total use on the coupon.


11. In addition to that, you can add media or text in the description box and finally save your coupon.


12. Once the coupon is saved, it will appear in a tabular format in your Coupons page. You add new coupons, manage or edit your coupons here.

create coupon codes

A smart solution to increase sales

Coupon Code extension is a perfect solution that can help you gain extra revenue by motivating shoppers to make a purchase decision faster. The hassle-free and easy process of activating, managing, and create coupon codes makes this extension a smart solution. Moreover, EeventPrime has various other extensions that can enhance the functionalities of your WordPress website easily. You can explore other free extensions as well as exceptionally budget-friendly bundle options here.


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