Allow your user to create a Wishlist for their favorite events. Enhance the functionalities of your events website with a single extension.

WordPress Wishlist is an amazing functionality that allows users to add and manage unlimited events/products of their choice to their cart.

Users can create a Wishlist and add, edit, or delete events to their wishlist as per their preferences, likings, and disliking.

The EventPrime Event Wishlist Extension can help you add this feature to your website. 

The extension enables your users to create a Wishlist and add or delete events to/from it. Further, the extension adds a heart icon to all the events using which your users can easily add events to their list. 


Major benefits of the WordPress Wishlist feature 

Apart from adding or managing the events of your wish list, here are the other major benefits of the WordPress Wishlist feature on a WordPress website. 

Saves time and enhance website usability

If you add a wishlist icon, it ensures better usability and saves a lot of time for the users as they can directly visit the event of their choice from their Wishlist. 

Complete Control

With the wishlist icon, customers can create an online wishlist and have complete control over their Wishlist. They can either add or delete events in WordPress to manage their Wishlist page. 

Manage Events In Wishlist Section

Once an event in WordPress is added by a user to their wishlist, they can easily view the list of the upcoming events along with their attributes. Visitors can anytime copy, move, and remove any event in WordPress websites. They can also access the most liked event directly from their Wishlist with a single click. 

Increase Bookings

Customers can easily create a wishlist and add upcoming events to the Wishlist from the events calendar list. This enhances the number of bookings for current as well as upcoming events. 

All in one event calendar WordPress plugin to add wishlist to your website

EventPrime is an all in one event calendar WordPress plugin that comes with a range of extensions. One of the extensions of this WordPress calendar plugin is Event Wishlist.

Event Wishlist is a wishlist maker extension that not only helps you build a wishlist website but also offers some amazing functionalities.

Overview of Event Wishlist Extension

Events Wishlist extension allows users to create a Wishlist and add events they would like to attend. In addition to that, users can see the list of events added to their wishlist on their frontend profiles. 

Features of Event Wishlist Extension

  • Enable Event Wishlist to allow attendees to save events into their personal event Wishlist.
  • Attendees can add events to Wishlist from the calendar event popup and/or from the single event page.
  • The color of the heart icon changes according to the theme’s color palate.
  • Wish-listed events are available under the new Event Wishlist tab in the frontend user profile.
  • Attendees can also book a wish-listed event directly from his/her user profile.

You can explore all the features of this extension here.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Wishlist on your WordPress Website

To add Events Wishlist, download this extension from this link or click the button below. Once the extension is downloaded, install it on your WordPress website.

Try Event Wishlist Now!

Note: The Premium and Premium+ version of EventPrime comes with this extension included in the package. If you are already using any of the above packages, do not download the extension separately.

Once the extension is installed and activated, it automatically adds a heart icon on all the events along with a Wishlist tab on all user profiles. The extension has no backend settings which makes it even easier to use.

How users can add events to their wishlist?

Step1: Go to the event calendar to get access to the list of the events.

create a wishlist

Step2: Now, hover your cursor on any particular date on which the upcoming events are listed and you wish to add them to your Wishlist. 

create a wishlist

Step3: Once you hover your cursor on the event, a pop-up of the listed event will appear on your screen. On the pop-up screen, you will find one heart in the bottom right corner.

create a wishlist

Step4: Simply, click on the heart icon to add the event to your Wishlist.

create a wishlist

Step5: If you click on the same icon again, it will be removed from your Wishlist.

create a wishlist

Step6: There are a few more ways to add an event to your Wishlist. You can go to the event page and click the heart icon.

create a wishlist

Step7: To manage your wishlist, go to your profile page and click Event Bookings.

create a Wishlist

Step8: On the booking page, click on the Events Wishlist Tab.

create a Wishlist

Step9: Here you can see all the events that you have added to your wishlist.

create a Wishlist

Step10: You can delete events from here or even book them directly.

Concluding Note

With this robust extension, you can improve the features, add event wishlist, and extend the functionalities of your Events website.

The extension requires only the installation and no setup to add a wishlist to your website. In addition to that, it provides a smooth user experience for the users.

Similar to the Wishlist, the EventPrime plugin offers various other advanced extensions to help you move one step ahead of your competitors. You can explore all the features and extensions of this plugin here

Still, if you have any queries, you can comment below, and we’ll get back to you with the best solution.

Try EventPrime!


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