Thinking of creating the best online learning site? Wondering how e-learning websites are made? Here we are with tips to create the best online learning site on WordPress capable of hosting online events.

The recent COVID pandemic has just boosted the need and use of online learning sites and online events. Every type of educational institution is now online, thanks to the pandemic.

This increases the demand for online learning and also creates a great business opportunity. For those who are into teaching or want to start teaching, the physical classroom is no more an obligation.

Anyone can start an online learning site on WordPress with absolute ease and grow their educational community. To create the best online learning site, read ahead and find the most useful tips to get started.

So, let us move ahead.


How to Create the Best Online Learning Site with WordPress?

best online learning site

We are sure that you are familiar with what are online learning sites. But you must be reluctant to start one yourself. An online learning site caters to your learning needs without the students having to attend the classroom physically.

This suggests an eLearning website as the substitute.

Now, creating an online learning site may sound like a head-scratcher to those who have no technical knowledge of creating a website.

You do not have to be a developer to create an eLearning site. Now, how is that possible, one might think? This is possible with WordPress. You can create an online learning website with WordPress and also manage online events with it.

So, let us start by understanding the basics of creating the best online learning site.

Things to consider while creating an e-learning site on WordPress with online events:

Get a Registered Domain and Install WP Courseware

Domain for best online learning site

The process to create the greatest learning websites begin with purchasing a domain. To create the best website with WordPress, get web hosting with Bluehost.

Purchasing Bluehost with WordPress allows you to easily create any type of blog, website, or even an online store.

Coming back to our online learning website, web hosting and domains are not enough. Once you get your domain and the WordPress website ready, you will now need an LMS plugin. LMS means a Learning Management System software.

A learning management system is a combination of all features put together to set up a virtual classroom.

Install the WP Courseware plugin on your WordPress website. It is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins.


Add Courses

WP Courseware best online learning site

Once you install WP Courseware, you need to add courses.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Training Courses”.
  • Now click on “Add Course”.
  • This will open the course development page; now you need to add a Course Title and a Course Description (these fields are mandatory).
  • You can also decide whether the students can access all modules, or whether the modules will be revealed as students move through the course.

The adding courses feature is available on any LMS plugin. You can choose any plugin other than WP courseware but adding courses is one important step in creating eLearning websites.


online education websites

Good learning sites don’t offer courses for free. Monetizing your online learning site is a crucial step. You can choose any LMS plugin, but without monetization, eLearning websites will generate no profit.

For instance, the WP courseware allows you to add a built-in shopping cart with the Stripe payment facility. This allows students to subscribe to online learning websites.

Good online education websites often offer a free demo course like a teaser to make students understand the contents of the course.

Apart from this, you can also offer payments in installments or a fixed one-time payment discount.


Online learning websites

The next step in building the best online learning site is to build a proper administration system. Make sure you restrict valuable course content from registered students. You should also opt for complete student management, which allows you to enjoy automated options as per your need.

You can add quizzes similarly like you add courses. Automated management can send customized emails to students regarding the courses, quizzes, or online events.

All this is possible with the WP Courseware plugin. Other free learning websites may or may not have automated management systems. To create the best online learning website, you need a good LMS plugin with proper administrative features.


best online learning site

To have the best online learning site, you require the best of technology. Here, by the technology, we mean that learning websites should always have all the latest integrations.

This consists of the best membership and e-commerce integrations that are integrated with a single click. WP Courseware allows you to integrate your favorite membership plugin for a seamless experience of adding courses.

You can integrate WP Courseware with the ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin. So, when students purchase or subscribe to your membership, they can directly be enrolled in their respective course(s).

Before registering or subscribing to your membership, students may be willing to contact you or reach out to you.

For this, you can integrate the RegistrationMagic form plugin. With this plugin, you can add contact forms, inquiry forms, registration forms, etc.

Technology isn’t only about ease of use and integrations

Other than integrations of plugins, online education websites also need education or learning WordPress themes. The WP Courseware is compatible with all WordPress themes, free or premium.

Technology isn’t only about ease of use and integrations; it should also make your online learning site look good. You can use some of these educational WordPress themes for learning websites. Namely, Education WP, Academy, OceanWP, Astra, Neve, Divi, etc.

These themes are some of the best education WordPress themes. They have a professional design, responsive look, are plugin-friendly, and capable of numerous integrations.

Manage Online Events on your Online Learning Site

online event planner

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Good learning websites conduct online events or virtual events to keep the students engaged, informed, and entertained. To organize online events, your site requires an online event planner.

To create the best online learning site with online events, EventPrime by Metagauss is the best online events planner for you. It is an events calendar management plugin that lets you manage events straight from your dashboard.

With EventPrime, you can manage any and as many online virtual events as you like. There are also many types of online events you can include on online learning websites. Read how and why you need a productive events planner plugin.

You can host events like creative art workshops, guest webinars, virtual meetings, conferences, etc. You can schedule different online events with EventPrime and host some of the best online events with just a click.

All you have to do is install EventPrime, walk through the menu options and build, configure and publish the best online events. Try EventPrime now.

Benefits of Having an Online Learning Site

Learning is no more limited to schools and classrooms. There numerous benefits of starting online education websites. Learning online and creating online courses is now a full-fledged and blooming business.

The best online learning websites teach, train, and educate their students (customers) and add a feather to their cap. This can be done with the ease of sitting on a couch, and that itself is the USP of the online learning business.

Various stats and reports have proven that at least 45% or even more students are taking up online learning.

This percentage is only going to increase as, due to the COVID pandemic, more and more institutions are turning towards online learning platforms.

Benefits of eLearning

You can note the benefits of eLearning by observing the best online learning sites. Here are the benefits of eLearning and eLearning sites that we have observed:

  • Online learning is highly flexible, and students can get exactly what they are looking for in courses.
  • Online learning websites allow students to learn when and where they want to at any time in the day or even at night.
  • Your online learning site can help both the teacher and the students. You can employ teaching professionals on your site.
  • On your site, you can be the employer, or you can teach the course yourself if you are a professional
  • It gives you the capability of teaching your customers about your product.

If you do not wish to make online education a business, you can start a free learning website. Free learning websites provide free online courses that include useful study materials.

Not everyone can afford expensive education and with free learning websites, you can give it back to our community.

Here are examples of some free learning websites and free online learning platforms to be inspired from.

  • Academia Earth
  • EdX
  • Internet Archive
  • Brightstorm
  • CosmoLearning


We hope our article helped you understand the current demand and benefits of an online learning website. If you are seeking to enter a business with maximum earning potential online education websites is the key.

Creating the best online learning site on WordPress with online events is no rocket science, and just anyone can do it.

If you have any queries regarding LMS, eLearning websites, or plugin integrations, reach out to us in the comments section.

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