Adding sponsors to events on your WordPress website helps you enhance the functionality of your site. Showcasing the sponsors or sponsor list for corporate sponsorship is a technique used by many companies to gain trust, get a sponsor, and show their loyalty towards their corporate sponsorship sponsors. And to attract more companies willing to sponsor events. If you want to find sponsors online, one easy way to add sponsors to events or display sponsor list on your WordPress website and display sponsor list is by installing EventPrime or the Event Sponsors extension by EventPrime. EventPrime is loaded with some dynamic extensions that not only give you an easy option to add sponsors directly to your events but also help you manage them. Let’s take a look!

Features of Event Sponsors Extension

If you are looking for a way to integrate an extension that can help you easily add and manage company sponsorship sponsors on your events website, then this extension will work pretty well for you. Using this extension, you can add brand sponsorship sponsor logos to any specific event listed on your events website. The company sponsorship sponsors are further visible on the frontend of your website on the events description page. You can only imagine how dynamic your events will look and the value that these brand sponsorship sponsors’ logos will add to your events. Here are some of the great highlights from this striking extension:

  • An easy and simple way to upload sponsorship marketing sponsor logos to specific events from your dashboard
  • Has a dynamic horizontal display of sponsorship marketing sponsor logos on the event description page
  • You can add single or multiple sponsor logos to any event.
  • Effortless process of adding and managing sponsors on your events through Global Settings Page
Step-By-Step Guide Of How To Install And Add Sponsors To Events

1. To get started with the Event Sponsors extension, you need to go to the EventPrime All Extensions Page. See image for reference:

2. Scroll down to the Event Sponsors extension and click on “More Info.”

3. Once the page opens, you can click on Purchase and complete the checkout process.

Try Event Sponsors Extension

4. After downloading and installing the extension on your WordPress backend, go to the dashboard.

5. On the Events page, click on the event that you wish to add sponsors.

6. It will show you a menu similar to the image below.

7. Scroll down to the bottom, and you will see a “Dashboard” option on your left. Click on it to open up the page.

8. On the “Dashboard” page, scroll further down to find the Sponsors.

9. Click on Sponsors, and it will give an option to upload sponsors’ logos to it.

10. Upload sponsors logos and save the logos.

Add Sponsors

Once you save the sponsor logos, here’s how it will look on the frontend.

In Conclusion

If you have an events WordPress website, you probably understand how much value it gives your site to add sponsors to events. With this robust extension, you can improve the features and extend the functionalities of your Events website. This will help you are in need of need sponsorship for events and want to find sponsors online, and attract companies that sponsor events.  You can also go ahead and try the EventPrime plugin that offers advanced extensions to help you get a sponsor and move one step ahead of your competitors and find the best companies that sponsor events. Not only that the installation and usage of this plugin are exceptionally simple. Still, if you have any queries, you can comment below, and we’ll get you all sorted!

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