Are you looking to add customizable seating layout options to your event sites?

Here’s a small guide on how you can add customisable seating arrangement options to your event sites and locations.

We’ve already published a guide on how to configure the Standing option in the Event sites and locations. In this article let’s explore another way to customise the seating arrangements using the EventPrime plugin.

Also, we have already discussed How to Showcase Event Location Details of Your Event Sites. Here, we will focus on the seating arrangement method in the Seating type option.


Configuring Seating Arrangements for Your Event Sites

Go to Add new from your event site manager dashboard to create a new event site.

Fill out the details, i.e, Name, Description, Address, Established, Operator, Facebook page URL, Site Gallery and Featured.

Event sites and event locations setup


Then, come to the seating type option.

In the dropdown, you will notice there are two options, Standing and Seating. Select the seating type arrangement. 

event sites - seating type selection


As soon as you select seating, you’ll notice some new options appear in the dashboard.

These are:

  • Seating Capacity: The total number of people that can be seated at an event site. 
  • Rows: Number of rows in the seating area.
  • Column: Number of columns in the seating area.
  • Available Colour: Define the colour of the available seat icon in the dashboard seat plan and frontend user seat selection view.
  • Booked Colour: Define the colour of the already booked seat icon in the dashboard seat plan and frontend user seat selection view.
  • Reserved Colour: Define the colour of the reserved seat icon in the dashboard seat plan and frontend user seat selection view.
  • Selected Colour:  Define the colour of the selected seat icon in the frontend user seat selection view.


seating type editor


Fill out these details based on your requirements and preferences.

Once done, click on create seating arrangement.

A mockup of your customised seating arrangement will appear. 

Seating arrangements


Below the arrangement, you have 4 more options, i.e., Add/Remove aisles, Reserves, Reset current selection, and Select scheme. 

Customise the arrangements according to your needs and then click on save. 

This is how you can configure the seating arrangement method in the seating type option.



Hopefully, using this article, you’ll be able to add and customize seating layout options on your event sites and locations.

Moreover, there is another article that covers the customization of standing layout options.

Both together can enhance the experience of your events and take them to the next level without a lot of work.

We would highly encourage you to check out our premium extensions that will give you total control over your events.


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    Can’t book an event with standing arrangement. I don’t get why it is that way!

    1. Reply

      Hi apfelsine, Thanks for trying out EventPrime. You first need to create Event site/location with name, standing or seating type, capacity and fill up other fields as per your requirements. Then you can create event on admin event calendar and can select this site/location. Now you can easily book this event. If you still face any issue you can send us support ticket and we will look into it asap.

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