Know how to add live seating option to make your events website a hit!

If you are looking to create your own concert hall or stadium with the option of events live seating arrangement layout on your event based WordPress website, you are on the right page. EventPrime is one of the renowned WordPress events plugins that not only helps you create a full-fledged event-based WordPress website but also offers some striking functionalities such as seat reservations, add live seating arrangement layout,  and ticket selling capabilities.


However, it is quite important to add live seating arrangement or express live seating chart as it helps you gain the attention of the website visitors and provide them a user-friendly layout in booking seats for any upcoming event. If you are an event organizer and facing difficulties in creating events live seat options or express live seating chart on your WordPress website, EventPrime has an extension for you i.e. Live Seating. This extension will help you add live seating arrangement to your WordPress website. You can get the complete WordPress events plugin or you can choose to go with this single extension. Let’s discuss in detail about this amazing extension along with a step-by-step guide to using it.

Overview of Live Seating WordPress Extension:

Out of the long list of EventPrime’s extensions, events Live Seating is also an amazing extension. It helps you add live seat selection on your events, express live seating chart and provide seat-based tickets to your event attendees. You can now easily set a seating arrangement for all your event sites/locations with specific rows, columns, and walking aisles using EventPrime’s very own event site seating arrangement builder. Continuing the discussion, let’s talk about some of the ravishing features of this extension.eventprime

Features of Live Seating WordPress Extension:

  • The extension helps to build a unique custom seating arrangement for each event site.
  • It helps you set the required number of rows and columns of seating along with the empty space for walking aisles as per the location space.
  • You can also assign seat-based tickets to attendees on the basis of registration done for a seat for any specific event with the help of this extension.
  • The extension lets you customize the template of event tickets.
  • It will let you reserve the seats that you do not want attendees to select during the process of event registration.
  • Users can choose the seat of their choice when registering for an event.

Installing & Activating the Live Seating Extension to Add Live Seating

  1. First of all, to install and activate this amazing extension to your WordPress website, go to the All Extensions page of seating chart
  2. Scroll down to the Live Seating WordPress extension and click on “More Info.”live seating chart
  3. Further, click on the Purchase button to complete the payment and checkout seating chart
    Try Live Seating Extension
  4. Now complete the checkout and payment procedure to download the seating chart

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Add Live Seating Option to your WordPress Website

  1. Once the extension is downloaded, go to the configuration settings and click on the Seating Arrangement option.add live seating   
  2. This will redirect you to the Seating Arrangement Dialogue box. Here, you can set the number of rows and columns as per the space of your location.add live seating
  3. Once the rows and columns are set, you will find the below layout. This page has multiple settings to perform with options: reserve, reset current selection, sync with event site, and select scheme.
  4. When you select the required seats and click on the “Reserve” option, it will reserve the selected seats. The benefit of reserving the seats is that you can restrict the attendees to select those seats during the process of event registration.
  5. You can undo the same process by clicking on the “Reset Current Selection Procedure”.
  6. The third option on the Seating Arrangement dialogue box os the “Sync with event site option”. Click on this option if you want to synchronize the same seating arrangement with any particular event site/location of your choice. 
  7. The last option is the “Select Scheme”. To update your last booked seat, go to the select scheme option. A Select scheme dialog box will appear where you will find the currently selected seat number in the “Current Scheme” and you can enter the new seat number of your choice on the “Change Scheme” dialog box and click on update. add live seating
  8. Once all the settings are done. Click on the Save button. add live seating
  9. This extension will help you create the below seating arrangement on your WordPress website.add live seating
  10. Once you will create the seating arrangement and book one ticket, you can take a preview of the ticket. You can also edit the look and feel of the ticket that you will issue to the users, using the Add/Edit ticket option. add live seating
  11. The Add/Edit ticket dialog box will help you edit the overall look of the ticket. You can change the name printed on the ticket, font style, font color, background color, border color, and the logo of the ticket. 

The Final Word

EventPrime offers an array of useful extension that helps you build an appropriate Event website with great ease and convenience. Further to adding events or event sites, you can also add a live seating arrangement or live center stage seating chart to your WordPress website. Live Seating WordPress extension helps you add live seating arrangement layout to any event or location on your website.

It helps to create the tickets that you will issue to the event attendees. It is extremely easy to use and manage. You can manage it from your website dashboard without any hassle. This extension will surely give a great head start to your event. Further, it helps your attendees book the tickets for the event right from the front end with great ease. 

Moreover, if you wish to take your website a notch up, EventPrime offers a wide range of extensions. These extensions are available in a free core plugin as well as a premium bundle. In addition to that, you can purchase a simple extension of your choice as well. You can check out some of the other dynamic extensions offered by EventPrime here. 

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