An event site is a location or venue where the event is about to be held. Adding event sites to your events will help the attendees to reach the location and help in building anticipation and excitement for the event.

Moreover, event sites make it easy for you to publish useful information. This will let your audience know about the location of the event, important details about the venue, and a lot more.

Additionally, it allows you to add directions for your attendees.

To add event sites to your events you can use the Event Sites feature.

Apart from the Event Sites extension, EventPrime offers a big bucket of extensions that let you easily promote, add, edit and manage your events online.  

In this article, we have covered how to utilize and set up an event site.


Overview of Event Sites

The Event Site feature is a part of the core version. The feature allows you to add any type of event venue to your events. You can add party event locations, wedding event locations, virtual event sites, and more.

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The extension helps you add the Event Site’s history such as when it was established, images of the event venue, and allows you to update the location on Google Maps.

You can explore all the other features of EventPrime that can help you boost your events here.

Add Event Sites on Your WordPress Events Website

Step1: Download and install the events plugin from this link or from the button below.

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Step2: Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Set up event sites

Step3: After completing the installation process, go to the WordPress dashboard. From the EventPrime menu, click on Event Sites/Location.

event sites

Step4: This will redirect you to the Event Site Manager Page.

event sites

Step5: To set up the event location click on Add New.

event sites

Step6: On this page, you can specify a unique name for your Event Site in the Name text box. For example, Art India.

event sites

Step7: Under the Description header, go to “Add Media” to add an image of your event location. You can also specify the Location details in the description section.

event sites

Step8: Provide the correct address of the Event Location in Google Maps.

Event Site

Step9: It will automatically fill in the Latitude, Longitude, and Zoom Level. Furthermore, you can choose to display the Address on the front end.

event sites

Step10: In the ‘Established’ section, mention the date, month, and year, when the event venue was established.
event sites

Step11: Select the type of seating arrangement you are providing to your audience during the event, from the drop-down menu, i.e. seating or standing.

event site

If you the arrangement as ‘Seating’, it will allow you to add a live seating chart, from where the users can select their preferred seats.

Step12: In the Operator text box, provide the event site coordinator’s name and contact details.

event sites

Step13: In addition to this, there is also an option to provide the Facebook Page URL of the location of the event, if available. 

Step14: Now go to the Site Gallery option, and select a few images of your Event Location.

Event Site

Once done save the settings and your Event Site will be created.

Event site

Note: If you have kept the seating type ‘Seating’ in step11, you can check this article on how to set up the Live seating chart.

Assigning event site to an event

Step1: To assign an event site to an event, go to Events from your EventPrime menu.


Step2: Here you can click on any date to create a new event and add a site to it. Or you click on an event for which you want to change the event site.

Add event

Step3: For example, we have clicked on an event that was already created. (This process can be followed for the new events as well.)

event site

Step4: Now scroll down and click on the event location icon.

site location

Step5: From the drop-down, select the site you created and save the settings.

event location

Step6: Now on the frontend your event page will display the event location.

Frontend view of the event location

Step1: Users can go to the event page to check the event site.

Event Location

Step2: The users can see the Google Maps location of the event on the same page.

event map

Step3: Users can scroll down and find the link to the Event Site page.

Event site page

Step4: On the event site page, users will be able to see all the details related to the location.

Location details

Step5: Additionally, they can check the direction and the map of the event site.


Step6: It makes it easy for the attendees to also find the other upcoming events listed in the same location.

event location

Concluding Note

EventPrime offers an array of useful extension that helps you build an astounding website with events with great ease and convenience.

Moreover, you can add event sites on your WordPress website seamlessly with this plugin. It is extremely easy to use and manage. You can manage on-site events, party event locations, wedding event locations, virtual event sites, and more from your dashboard without any hassle.

This plugin will surely give a great head start to your events.

Additionally, if you wish to take your event registration website or event organizing site a notch up, EventPrime offers a wide range of extensions. These extensions are available in a free core plugin as well as a premium bundle.

In addition to that, you can purchase a simple extension of your choice as well. You can check out some of the other extensions offered by this plugin here.

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