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wp event manager plugin

Create Events Right Within The Events Calendar

EventPrime provides you an events calendar experience like no other. How you add events from the calendar in the WP Dashboard is how the events will appear on the calendar at the frontend. Events will appear in the color of their Event Type so users can easily distinguish their type of events among the various events in the calendar.

Event Manager WordPress
Event Calendar Dashboard

The Event Dashboard

Whether it is setting the Event Type, assign an Event Site, or add Performers to your events; you can do it all from the highly versatile Event Dashboard that EventPrime offers. EventPrime's Event Dashboard contains all the configuration settings for an event in one place, with the addition of links to global settings and list of recent event bookings.


Create and assign Performers to your events, with their own Bio, Role and Image. Performers can be displayed individually using their shortcodes, or as part of the full Performers Directory shortcode. You can even create match events where two performs are competing against each other.

Event Performer Management
Event Sites and Location Management

Event Sites & Locations

Create and assign Event Sites to your event. Event Sites are venues where events can be hosted. You can add an Event Site's history, such as when it was established, its image gallery, as well its location on map. All these details will appear on the Event Site's frontend page. You can also display a complete directory of all Event Sites using it directory shortcode.


View and manage Attendees from a single page in the EventPrime Dashboard. You get a tabular view of all Attendees of your events with filters to find exactly the list of Attendees you are looking for. The Attendees list can be exported as CSV too so you can analyze it with your favourite spreadsheet app.

WP Event Attendees Management

Powerful front-end views

With EventPrime, you can present your events on the frontend in so many different ways. Users can view events in an event calendar with month, week and day views. In addition to this, the events can be displayed in a list, or EventPrime's very own Event Cards. And not just events, you get beautiful front-end views for Event Types, Performers & Event Sites as well.

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